The Selection Process


The selection process for junior, student and recent graduate profiles is divided into seven steps. Start by sending in your CV!

1. Application
The first step required to apply for internship and work opportunities with the Group is to send us your CV. Check the vacancies and apply online. If there are no current position of interest to you, or if those offered are not appropriate for your profile, you can still register your profile

2. HR Screening
The HR Team carefully assess the CVs received and identifies those which best meet the criteria required for the vacancy. If your CV appears suitable, you may be contacted by telephone, e-mail or via Skype. The essential criteria generally assessed during the screening stage are:

  • Excellent course of studies and specialisation
  • Knowledge of English, preferably documented by a specific certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAMBRIDGE)
  • Availability for national and international mobility
  • Experience studying or working abroad, and knowledge of a third language are plus points.

3. Assessment Center & Interview
Candidates identified in the screening process are invited to take part in more detailed assessment activities, using different methods: selection assessment centre and motivational and aptitude interviews.On the selection and evaluation day (Assessment Center) , candidates engage in group and individual activities, which aim to provide a more wide-range evaluation clearly identifying the individual’s aptitude, behaviour, soft skills, and ability to work in a group on different topics, with different levels of difficulty, keeping within the set times. This is followed by individual, aptitude and motivational interviews, which identify, more clearly, the individual’s interests and expectations as regards a training course and career at Webuild. Tests are also carried out throughout the day on the candidates' English knowledge.

4. Short List
The assessment centres and the motivational and aptitude interviews determine the short-listed candidates. These are the profiles, which have been positively assessed during the tests, who can go on to the next stage in the selection process.

5. Technical Interview
Short-listed candidates are called for an individual, technical interview, held by the Business /Line Manager for that particular position, which aims to assess the specific skills required for the vacancy.

6. Selection Feedback
All candidates, whether they pass or fail the tests, will receive feedback on the result of the selection process. Feedback generally arrives within one month from the first telephone / via e-mail contact with the Group.

7. On Board
Candidates who pass the selection process join Webuild under the supervision of expert tutors capable of guiding their training. They are assisted by the HR team, who will accompany them throughout the process of settling in.



The selection process for candidates, with a consolidated and significant work experience, is divided into six steps.  Selection may be handled directly by Webuild or by recruitment companies and Head-hunters appointed by the Group to follow specific research projects.

1. Application
The first step to apply for work opportunities in the Group is to send us your CV. Check the vacancies and apply online. If there are no current positions of interest to you, or if those offered are not appropriate for your profile, you can still register your profile.

2. CV screening and telephone interview
If your application is suitable, we will contact you by telephone, to provide you with further details about our Group and the position, and to check the information on your CV. If this first step is successful, you will be interviewed by HR.

3. HR Interview
The first interview is usually carried out by HR managers and aims to assess candidates' motivational and professional characteristics as regards the position sought.  During the interview, any professional experience is very carefully assessed, together with the candidates’  expectations regarding new work opportunities. 

4. Technical Interview
The technical interview is held by the Business/Line Manager of the position in question and aims to discover more details regarding the candidates' technical and specialist skills: the professional pathway, roles covered, results, know-how, certifications. There may be more than one technical interview, depending on the specifications of the role sought.

5. Final Feedback
At the end of the selection process, the candidate whose profile and interview performance most successfully matches the position is contacted by the Group to formalize the offer. All candidates involved in the selection receive feedback on the result of the process.

6. On Board
Once the Group's offer is accepted, the HR Team follows and supports the selected candidate during the initial placement period.